Celebrate America Creative Writing Contest:


2015 Winner

Creative Immigrant Essay

By Heather Lyons

St. Michael's School

   The thing I like most about libraries is that each book is different.  There are big, small, colorful, and plain books, but they are all different.  If they were all the same, then no one would read them.


   Our country, the U.S., is the greatest library of all.  Each state is a bookshelf, and we are the books with stories.  The diversity makes a library a great place to be, and the United States is a great country to live in.


   My public library is getting donations all the time.  People come and say, "Here, this book can be in your library."  As different and exciting as the regular books are, it's because of the new books that the library keeps growing and changing.  It is the same for the U.S. library.  Immigrants make our country grow and change for the better.


  Immigrants are the new stories that make the U.S. a great country to live in.  I'm glad I live in the immigrant library, the U.S., because I can celebrate holidays like Cinco de Mayo and eat different food cuisines.  But most of all, I can be a part of a country that grows and changes for the better.

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Heather and contest coordinators, Kimberley Robidoux and Johana Keamy (above), at a naturalization oath ceremony where Heather (below) read her entry to new citizens.

2nd Place

Salad Bowl

By Kelly Hwang

Torrey Hills Elementary


Where people from many countries meet,

Where numerous amount of cultures cramp together,

Where many people come with a desire or their own.


As immigrants come through the New York Harbor,

The statue of liberty gives each immigrant a special pouch,

That shows them the natural beauty of America.


Visitors come and go,

But immigrants come and stay,

Because they've come through the invisible door

that no visitors could

A door that leads them to a world,

where they start a better life

And forget about the past.


With all of these wonderful immigrants,

America stands bold and strong.

With a nickname called the "Salad Bowl,"

American is a country for everyone.


I'm very, very proud to live in a place like America,

Where you can know where you belong,

Where you earn many opportunities,

And where you are welcomed just the way you are.

Heather reading her winning entry at an awards ceremony.

3rd Place

Healers of the People

By Natalie Wang

Brywood Elementary

Heather with her parents and contest coordinators, Kimberley Robidoux and Joanna Keamy

America has healed these old weary souls,

And blessed them anew to play some new roles,

That first step on our beautiful country,

Changed their hearts and set them free,

Let them pursue their exciting dreams,

To forget their anguish and screams,

To thaw the barrier of hopelessness and dread,

And let them see the noble future instead,

America polished and cleaned them right,

Not a thought of hatred and fight,

Instead they found acceptance and love,

That allowed them to fly like a free dove.

All the people driven by fear,

Have found what they needed here,

And started a new life in the heart of our country,

Of laughter and love and glee,

In this beautiful kingdom,

Of fairness and freedom,

Many people found their real souls,

In a life without any foes,

America can make people soar,

To fly and show their inner core,

Where everyone's equal and beautiful here,

Where everyone's living and equal and fair,


So how do I let others see the light?

And be like these people to set others right?

What do I do, do I need tools?

No, all I need are these simple three rules:

Be kind and don't shut others away,

If they're alone, say, "You want to play?"

Be fair, treat all people the same,

If one's alone, include them in your game,

And lastly, be everyone's best friend,

And watch as some people eventually mend,

For that is all you need to be an American,

To let all the people's dreams awaken.

Winners Ella, Heather, and Kelly with contest coordinators

2nd place winner Kelly Hwang and Joanna Keamy

3rd place winner Natalie Wang

Honorable Mention Ella Podgurski

Honorable Mention

Why I'm Glad America Is a Nation of Immigrants

By Ella Podgurski

America is a place with different colors and race

it doesn't matter the color of the skin, everyone has a beautiful face.

 Everyone is different, yet everyone's the same

  I am so glad America is the place that everyone came.

  Some came rich and some came poor

  all to be apart of America's core.

    My great grandpa came with just the boots on his feet

    Oh, to think of all the types of people he was able to meet.

       All his dreams came true

        and came apart of America's glue.

        I love how immigrants can reach their dream

        no matter how big or impossible it might seem.

          With so many immigrants, coming to the states

          delicious foods from all over fill our plates.

            Pizza or pasta, the choice is up to you

            Taco, a burrito, or Irish stew.

              Delicious to the very last bite

              A new food every night.

                A new dance, a game, a holiday, or meal

                Immigrants help make America's seal.

                  So many languages, from near and far

                   each one can be a shining star.

                       Traditions that make a family complete

                       are what I think are so neat.

                           America is not about you and me

                           it's about all the great people from sea to sea.

Small or tall everyone has a beautiful face

that's what makes immigrants and America such a great place!