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2014 Winner


By Glenn Lane

    As we all know America is the home of the brave. If you rephrase that you may think well maybe, it should be America home of the immigrants. I’m not saying that America is not brave and all, but there are more than over four million immigrants on US soil.

    Some immigrants will make their exit from other countries such as South America. There are many people in different countries that come to America for many reasons, whether it is for religion or just freedom. There is this word called a “communist country.” “Communist country” means that the government holds rules that their citizens must follow. If they are caught they will go to jail for a feasible sentencing. Like in China, you are held back from believing in what you want to believe. So they come to America for religious freedom. In 3rd world countries things are sacred which means there are holy objects. Some of the objects that are holy aren’t holy here. Believe what you want!

    Many people come for the American Dream. If you are an athlete you have a possible advantage. The reason why is because sport coaches will recruit you to America because they can have you on their team. It doesn’t’ always have to be sports it can be something you’re good at, like you’re an expert in your category. You have to be the best of the best to come to America for a job. Some immigrants have to escape from their countries. That’s because some governments don’t allow them to go. In the end, America is full of immigrants and that’s why America is the way it is. People all over the world want to be in your place…so be grateful!